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SUN DRIED CUT KELP(Laminaria Japonica)
Sun dried laminaria cut
(1)Color From light green to dark green
(2)Swelling:   6 min
(3)Sand:     0.5% max
(4)Moisture:  20% max
(5)Length:    5cm-30cm
(6)Width:     2-3mm
(7)Packing: 25.00kg bag
(8)Net weight: 25.00kg
(9)Gross weight: 25.20kg
(10)period of validity: 3 years
(11) 21000kgs/20'fcl

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MACHINE DRIED CUT KELP(Laminaria Japonica)

Machine dried laminaria cut
(1)Color: from light green to dark green
(2)Swelling:  13-18
(3)Sand:     none
(4)Moisture:  14-16%
(5)Length:   5cm-30cm
(6)Width:    2-3mm
(7)Packing: 10.00kg bag
(8)Net weight: 10.00kg
(9)Gross weight: 10.20kg
(10)period of validity: 3 years
(11) 6500kgs/20'fcl
15000kgs/40'H fcl



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