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Red chilli powder

Red chilli powder:
Size:60-80 mesh
Packing: 500gr sachet,1kg sachet
25kg,50kg/pp+pe bag or your require


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paprika powder

1. 2009 new crops,200~220 ASTA
2. 70-80 mesh
3. Moisture: 8-10%
4. No aflatoxin, no salmonella, no Sudan red 1 2 3 4.
5. HACCP, ISO9001: 2000, FDA, can provide phytosanitary certificate, quality inspection/disinfection certificate, fumigate certificate and other certificates according to customers' requests.


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sweet paprika

Paprika, Sweet paprika Pods, Sweet chili, paprika oleoresin.
1. Good quality, deep red technical section,
2. Length: 10cm and up.
3. Package: 40kg/pressed bale, 100kg/pressed bale, 10kg/vacuumed bag
We can also package them as per customer's requirements.
4. Moisture: 15% max.
5. Crushed: 3% max.
6. Admixture: 1% max.
7. Stem sepal and seed: With and without.
8. No Speckle, No Mould, No Aflatoxin, No Salmonella, No Sudan Red.
9. Grade A. B. C. From 80 ASTA to 220 ASTA.


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