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Dehydrated Vegetables
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dehydrated cabbage

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dehydrated chive

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Size: A) S: 2.5- 4.5CM, 5 - 7CM
           B) M: 7 - 8CM
           C) L: 8 - 9CM
           D) 2L: 9 - 10CM
           E) 3L: 10 - 12CM
10kg/20kg per mesh bag
Customized packing: according to clients' requirements
Supply period: all the year round
Conveyance: 26-28MTS/40/RH
鍏辨湁38鏉,姣忛〉鏄剧ず3鏉,鍏13椤,褰撳墠涓虹2椤   棣栭〉 涓婁竴椤  涓嬩竴椤 灏鹃〉  椤垫:2/13  

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